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Deciding where to work is a big decision. At BorgWarner, we manage talent as seriously as we manage our businesses. We encourage you to learn about our company's proud history, strong culture, technology leadership and future vision. If you find that you share the BorgWarner Beliefs and thrive on challenge, we invite you to explore the job opportunities available. That is the first step toward experiencing pride, passion, performance and potential with a career at BorgWarner.

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BorgWarner seeks innovators - people with independent minds who share our passion for the latest vehicle technology, enjoy working in an open entrepreneurial environment, and desire to play a key role in the future of the industry. 

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At BorgWarner, we believe that a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, and that healthy employees are happier and more satisfied employees. 

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Want to drive the future of the automotive industry? Shift your career into a higher gear with a worldwide leader.

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Opportunities at BorgWarner

Career Opportunities at BorgWarner
Manufacturing Operations

Are you a team player? Are you driven to continually improve and streamline processes? Are you passionate about achieving perfect product launches, top quality, delivery and safety metrics?

Manufacturing is where everything comes together. BorgWarner's advanced technologies require advanced manufacturing processes. Many are proprietary. Around the world, our facilities utilize ergonomic designs and state-of-the-art equipment. Our campus structure combines several businesses in one location, offering you the advantage of experiencing multiple product lines and a variety of functional areas. Participation on global teams provides opportunities to share ideas and develop international skills. Our quality, delivery and innovation are legendary. We have the customer awards to prove it. Join our winning team!

Career Opportunities at BorgWarner
Program Management

Have you ever wanted to lead your own business team? Are you ready to stretch your career goals to the next level? BorgWarner has the position for you.

Program managers at BorgWarner lead a cross-functional team of sales, engineering, finance and production professionals who work to ensure each program meets customer expectations, launches on time and remains profitable.

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Career Opportunities at BorgWarner

As a quality professional, is your world all or nothing? 100% quality. Zero defects. Then you are just the type of person we're looking for.

We are not satisfied with just satisfied customers. Our customers are delighted on a regular basis. We anticipate their technological needs and then deliver top quality. Operational excellence and quality systems ensure consistency, even with our sophisticated, advanced technologies. Collaborate with engineers, product managers, operations and supply chain professionals to deliver products built to exceed the highest expectations.

Career Opportunities at BorgWarner

When most people see numbers, you see opportunity. Will a strategic merger or acquisition pay off? Is a new product feasible under the current market conditions? How can the company stay lean while still investing in the resources, talent and capital it needs to not just succeed, but lead?

As a finance professional, you know crunching numbers is the easy part. The fun begins when you decipher the story behind the numbers and use your leadership to facilitate effective business decisions. At BorgWarner, we value your expertise. Our legendary focus on financial strength and discipline helps us provide value for our shareholders, offer fulfilling careers for our employees and support the communities where we live and work. We watch the bottom line, take advantage of growth opportunities, manage costs and invest in R&D. Join a winning team with operational and functional opportunities across multiple businesses at international locations.

Career Opportunities at BorgWarner
Materials / Logistics

Are you ultra-organized? Do you enjoy planning complicated events?

Good timing is everything. BorgWarner relies on logistics professionals to ensure raw materials and parts meet our production schedules and our products are delivered on time. Help our operations run smoothly and cost effectively. Plan your next career move to BorgWarner!

Career Opportunities at BorgWarner
Investor Relations

BorgWarner has a great story to tell. Do you have the financial savvy and communication skills to help investors appreciate our successful track record and our prospects for the future?

BorgWarner's investor relations professionals provide an accurate picture of our performance. Your finger is on the pulse of the company. Working closely with the investment community, you explain current markets and how our sophisticated technologies help drivers around the world feel good about driving. Your efforts allow investors to make informed judgments about the fair market valuation of the company while providing BorgWarner with access to capital for future growth.

Career Opportunities at BorgWarner

Are you ready to lead the next technology wave? Do you relish analyzing complex challenges and tackling tough technological problems? Are you driven to improve and streamline? Does explaining and demonstrating technological solutions energize you?

At BorgWarner, you won't be alone. You'll join a team of experts in numerous engineering disciplines, from research and development to manufacturing engineering and product management. In our fast-paced environment, you'll collaborate with colleagues from around the world, travel to new markets and stretch your skills through symposiums and advanced degrees. Explore your opportunities across various businesses, functions and locations. Develop leading-edge technologies. Create a cleaner, more energy efficient planet. Move the world.

Career Opportunities at BorgWarner
Global Supply Management

Are you detail-oriented and yet able to see the big picture? Do you demand top quality from your suppliers? Do you work with them to ensure efficient and economical sources?

Delivering quality parts and raw materials to our plant floors on time and on budget is just the beginning. Real-time data makes a real world difference. Our supply chain professionals have developed award-winning software to rate suppliers. Other teams created systems to manage commodity risks. Our team-oriented approach shares best practices within BorgWarner as well as with our suppliers. Start your career at BorgWarner where you can be a critical link in our supply chain.

Career Opportunities at BorgWarner
Information Technology

Are you an innovative, business-savvy technology leader? Do you thrive on applying the latest information technologies to streamline processes and improve efficiency? Do you enjoy working in a fast-paced, can-do atmosphere?

BorgWarner is growing fast. We have more people creating more products for more markets around the world. That means more data to harness, manage and unleash to deliver business results. Accelerate your career in a variety of areas, from managing network infrastructure, hardware and software to messaging, remote connectivity and telecommunications. Join the BorgWarner team!

Career Opportunities at BorgWarner
Supplier Development

Do you seek a global opportunity developing suppliers to meet the demands of tomorrow? Does worldwide travel appeal to you? Do you have a background in engineering or quality? If the answer to these questions is yes, we should talk.

BorgWarner prides itself on its robust supplier development practices. The marketplace demands that our suppliers not only meet current needs but anticipate future ones. New product introduction is at the heart of our supplier development operation. Our supplier development engineers work closely with suppliers assessing their risk, providing in-depth training where necessary, and ensuring quality output. In short, joining BorgWarner’s supplier development team means you’ll drive performance improvements that equate to innovation.

BorgWarner is an equal employment opportunity employer such that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.